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    End of Season Review


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    End of Season Review

    Post by Wolvershank on Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:15 pm

    It's that time of year again to look at how the season went, and what we can change to make it run better. I've got some comments off the bat, feel free to put in an opinion about what I've got to say, or introduce anything else you want to be looked at.

    Draft Draft

    This was a non event this year, with time running out to arrange an event after discovering the 9s would not be held. Draft draft doesn't suffer from being held overly early, so if anyone has a suggestion for a good weekend or event we could do for this (though not until 2019) then please suggest it.

    Due to a request from Rick, I will release the draw before the draft draft with numbers serving as team placeholders, and teams will be filled into the draw based on the first round of cards in the draft draft.

    nrl.com has come to the party with a decent stats service that looks like it will be relatively safe to stick with for the foreseeable futture, so i'm happy to look at including stats that currently appear on 'Raw Stats' tab in all of the scorecards. The ones that seem most realistic to use are:

    - Post Contact Metres
    - 1 on 1 Steals
    - Ineffective Tackles
    - Intercepts
    - Forced Drop Outs
    - Kicked Dead
    - Penalties

    If you would like any of the to be incorporated next season please say so, and ideally how you think we could include them (new positional tries, or how to include them in existing ones).

    Ladder Order
    Another suggestion from the Miners, who would like to see the tie breaker used after competition points be Points For + Points Against, rather than Goal Differential. Apparently we did not vote on a similar change last year, so i'll create a poll on this change. If it does not get voted through no ladder changes will be considered for the next two years, but if it does then we will conduct a review at the end of next season.

    That's all from me right now, so feel free to put in your 2 cents worth.

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    Re: End of Season Review

    Post by Tobes on Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:34 pm

    I only really have thoughts on stats thresholds for point scoring, everything else seems to be working well.

    In order of how passionate I am about the change;
    - Including 1v1 tackles back into the mix (or if not reducing current IT, MIA thresholds)
    - Dropping forward run metres back to 130m.
    - Adding 3 penalties back into concedes.
    - Adding Ineffective tackle back (although it seems NRL.com as a low standard for a 'missed tackle' so maybe 7 combined, rather than the old 6 combined).
    - Missed penalties are -1.

    Basically I am trying to take us back to the good ol days now it seems all of these stats are available from the one location on the NRL.com website.

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    Re: End of Season Review

    Post by cbtruckers on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:34 pm

    Concede on 3 penalties to return. I'd need to look at some stats about the forward metres a bit more.

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    Re: End of Season Review

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