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    XRL Press Releases

    Post by Jeff 'Robbo' Robson on Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:30 am

    The Toronto Sled Dogs have today announced their new head coach and home stadium, putting the finishing touches on a rejuvenated senior franchise of XRL.

    The Sled Dogs will play at Toronto's finest sporting facility "The Track" where the year-round wintry conditions of the great white north are expected to add even greater difficulty to the task of visiting teams, on top of the 20 hour flight from Australia.

    It is expected that the pre- and post-game entertainment facilities and the occasional wandering moose will add greatly to the gameday experience at The Track. XRL matches will pause periodically to allow greyhound races to proceed without the dogs running off-course in pursuit of the ball, and so the players can make a quick trip to the Trackside Titty Bar for refreshment.

    In equally important news, former representative halfback Jeff 'Robbo' Robson will be stepping up to replace Coach Brightside as Head Coach of the franchise in 2018. Coach Robbo has pursued a successful post-football career as a pundit and part-time PE teacher's assistant, and is expected to bring all his knowledge and skills to bear as he guides a very young Sled Dogs roster towards a third premiership.

    Coach Robbo has also been barred from the Trackside Titty Bar, so if anybody sees him on the piss or bothering Jasmyne throughout a match, please steer him carefully towards the Sled Dogs bench.

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