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    Hey there Robbo fans, Robbo here with another installment of his famous draft review!

    Robbo is a touch dusty today, but at least he has less regrets than the Rockets every time they look at their roster. He’s spent the day recovering and running the slide-rule over the draft, but he doesn’t have the energy to come up with any jokes. There’s always the Boxes team for that anyway. Let’s go!

    The Cougars nailed it in the final round with 80 minute hooker Issac De Gois, pick 229. That could be the cheapest 8 point player of all time, and is especially impressive given the scarcity of decent playmakers.

    The Monsters came into the draft with a plan, and in the face of a very surprising first round, stuck to the strategy. Dylan Walker the 6th best player in the league, ahead of Croker, Reynolds and Kahu? Robbo thinks not.

    The Cougars are a close second with Jake Friend 5th overall. If these teams really were set for their strategy, they should’ve traded their picks down.

    And now, the draft review proper:

    Michael Lichaa first up was a good get, and the Boxes did well to snap up Dutchy in round 7 with pick 86 and Widdop in round 9 with pick 122. ET, Pimple, Napa and Taupau will lay a solid pointscoring platform and the dual kickers make the Boxes resilient and flexible in the face of injury. The backline, as is traditional for Boxes teams, is a shambles. No team has a worse top back than the Boxes with Euan Aitken, and it goes downhill rapidly from there. The question for the Boxes in 2017 is, are Lichaa and the forwards really good enough to carry the team to a cup?
    GRADE: C
    Best pick: Dylan Napa
    Worst pick: Euan Aitken
    Make or break: Elijah Taylor

    A calculated draft from Coach Crubbs, who prioritised backs and aggressive forwards. Brett Morris strikes Robbo as a bit of a reach at pick 66, and Ashley Taylor could backfire at pick 75, which is a rather high pick for a second goal kicker who doesn’t score many player points. Teddy will get the Truckers some wins, but an injury to their star could see this team massively fall. Klemmer and Lolo are great candidates to make the step up to elite, and if Austin returns to 2015 form he’ll fill out the pointscoring core nicely.
    Grade: C
    Best pick: Apisai Koroisau
    Worst pick: Brett Morris
    Make or break: Blake Austin

    A kickerless strategy from the Cougars this year, which Robbo predicts will lead to several narrow-margin losses to open the season followed by a hasty trade. Jake Friend was very early at 5th overall, but Cordner, Jackson and Gillett are step-up candidates so the pack could be very good. The tries will flow from a fantastic back three of French, Vuni and Addo-Carr, but without conversions the Cougars will struggle to put teams away.
    Grade: C
    Best pick: Issac De Gois
    Worst pick: Jake Friend
    Make or break: Nathan Peats

    A remote draft from absent Dingos management didn’t affect the opening stages of the draft, as the Dingos secured a brilliant core from the early rounds. The draft fell away amid reports of infighting with their agents, and the Dingos wasted a few picks late when value was still there to be had. Mitchell Moses will back up Smith nicely so the Dingos will be resilient through origin. A powerful team that will go far on a formidable pack, and BJ will lead the backs well, but there may not be a depth of try-scoring to really rack up a score.
    Grade: B
    Best pick: Jake Trbojevic
    Worst pick: Jason Nightingale
    Make or break: Jamie Buhrer

    A solid draft again from Coach Shazman (or the replacement for his replacement? Robbo loses track of the Druggies coaching carousel). The Druggies found a lot of value in their top six picks. JDB and Pearce could be elite this year, and Rapana and Kata were cheap. Farah is a great get at pick 55, giving the Druggies a great playmaking core. The forward pack drops off after de Belin, so the Druggies might struggle with their consistency, but Robbo sees very few mistakes in this team.
    Grade: B
    Best pick: Robbie Farah
    Worst pick: Tuimoala Lolohea
    Make or break: Solomone Kata

    The Gunners focused on their playmakers and opened the draft with three PM choices. They filled out the forward pack with some excellent value picks, but injury is a huge concern and the Gunners might struggle for the first third of the season. The backline is uninspiring but at least Boyd and Vidot were very cheap. Look for the Gunners to come home strong but they may fall too far behind while they wait.
    Grade: C
    Best pick: Manu Ma’u
    Worst pick: Tim Grant
    Make or break: Tohu Harris/Ben Matulino

    The Killers have been ordinary with their first five or six picks for a number of years now, but Coach Brightside finally put the head in front of the heart and assembled one of the best packs in the league. Gutherson is a risky choice as goalkicker, but cheap. The Killers laid some long bets in the late rounds and found value throughout the draft. Their only weakness is a severe PM shortage resulting from management’s pick on numbers strategy. If Seggy and Fenny both pay off the Killers will be a real contender.
    Grade: B
    Best pick: Jamal Idris
    Worst pick: Damien Cook
    Make or break: Jarryd Hayne

    Not a typical Miners team, with backs and playmakers heavily prioritised and only J Brom to lead a threadbare pack. Corey Norman and Josh Dugan were both great picks the Miners got later than they should have, and Mitch Rein has potential if the cards fall right. The Miners bet big that Tommy Turbo makes the jump to elite, and arguably overspent there with RTS still on the board. The mid-rounds might be a little weak but the Miners came home strong.
    Grade: C
    Best pick: Josh Dugan
    Worst pick: John Sutton
    Make or break: Tom Trbojevic

    Most of the league is aware of the weakness of a stick to the strategy approach to drafting. The Monsters spent huge draft capital on Dylan Walker, and in doing so hitched their wagon to an injury prone part-time goalkicker who will really need to surprise in order to justify the selection. Ryan James and Cam McInnes got the Monsters back on track and Ben Hunt and Josh Reynolds fill out a strong set of PMs. The middle and late rounds were a weakness, but they only need a couple of hits in order to fill out a decent team.
    Grade: C
    Best pick: Cameron McInnes
    Worst pick: Dylan Walker
    Make or break: Dylan Walker

    The defending Premiers will need a new name, missing out on both namesakes that electrified their backline last season. James Graham fell to a value spot but James Maloney was not an inspiring choice of goalkicker after he scored negative points without goals last season. The pack is the strength here, with Woods and PV potentially heading for eliteness. Not much value found late but Hoffman and Sio could surprise and add to the tries of Nofo, Semi and SKD. Good, balanced team.
    Grade: B
    Best pick: Aaron Woods
    Worst pick: David Nofoaluma
    Make or break: Aiden Sezer

    A disturbing trend for the last few years has been the rise of the cellar-dwellar Punters to legitimate contenders. The 2017 draft was right on trend as the Punters secured an excellent pointscoring core. Hodkinson went too early and the backline is crap but the Punters great pack will dominate matches. Impressive.
    Grade: B
    Best pick: Issac Luke
    Worst pick: Kane Elgey
    Make or break: Konrad Hurrell

    Not a great draft from the Rockets this year, with a lot of picks needing to outperform expectations. The Rox benefited greatly from early errors as Jarrod Croker fell with his injury, and got some value from unfashionable players like Bodene, Cronk and Proctor. Milford and Walker are not great halves but the forward pack is strong and deep. Early contender for worst backline in the league, but Tyrone Peachey will get dual status to upgrade it soon enough.
    Grade: C
    Best pick: Tyrone Peachey
    Worst pick: Anthony Don
    Make or break: Anthony Milford

    The Wolves early error on Finucane was healed by snagging Tolman straight after, and Cameron Munster will start the season in the backs and should earn dual status. It’s a good core but the Wolves faltered toward the end of the draft. They got value from the middle rounds, including value pick of the draft contender Will Hopoate, but the backline looks a little shallow if Mansauce’s return from injury doesn’t go as planned.
    Grade: C
    Best pick: Will Hopoate
    Worst pick: Greg Inglis
    Make or break: Josh Mansour

    The carnage of the first round paid off handsomely for the XIII, delivering star goalkicker Adam Reynolds straight into their waiting arms. Mannering, Sheck and Hodgson are all great picks and the XIII kept their excellent draft rolling through the middle rounds with cheap picks Gavin Cooper and Korbin Sims filling a solid pack. Watch out for the XIII this year.
    Grade A
    Best pick: Josh Hodgson
    Worst pick: Peter Wallace
    Make or break: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

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