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    XRL Rules/Scoring


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    XRL Rules/Scoring

    Post by Wolvershank on Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:06 pm


    Back Try
    4 points
    8 Linebreaks, Linebreak Assists, Try Assists, Offloads, Tacklebreaks, 40/20s.
    17 Runs
    Back Involvement Try
    4 points
    35 Stats.
    Missing in Action
    -4 points
    14 or less Stats. No more than 1 Try. At least 50 mins.


    Playmaker Try
    4 points
    8 Linebreaks, Linebreak Assists, Try Assists, Offloads, Tacklebreaks, 40/20s.
    250m in Kicks.
    40 Tackles.
    Playmaker Involvement Try
    4 points
    45 Stats.
    Missing in Action
    -4 points
    19 or less Stats. No more than 1 Try. At least 50 mins.


    Forward Try
    4 points
    140m in Runs.
    40 Tackles.
    8 Linebreaks, Linebreak Assists, Try Assists, Offloads, Tacklebreaks, 40/20s.
    Forward Involvement Try
    4 points
    50 Stats.  
    Missing in Action
    - 4 points
    24 or less Stats. No More than 1 Try. At least 50 mins.

    Negative Points:

    -4 points
    5 Missed Tackles
    3 Errors
    Sin Bin
    -2 points
    Sent Off
    -4 points plus -1 point for every 10 minutes off the field


    2 points

    Team Lineups must be announced at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time for the first match for any given round. If a lineup is submitted after this time then the team will use the same lineup they used the week before. If alterations are made after this time it will revert to the last legitimate lineup posted. Only eligible player selections can be substituted. Picking a player of the wrong position, or leaving a blank space in your lineup will not result in bench players replacing them.

    If you name a blank spot in your lineup, no bench player will substitute in to this position, even if you have a bench player of the same position who plays in a game.

    Squad Limit
    The maximum squad size is 20 players.

    Trade Deadline
    The trade deadline will be in effect this season from the lockout for Round 21 matches (15 mins prior to kickoff of the first game of the round). No trades will be possible after this point, however players can still be cut and scooped/waivered. From the start of the finals, eliminated teams are frozen.

    Each player is limited to 6 captaincies through the regular season. When a player reaches their limit their name will be greyed out, and this player won't be able to captain the team again until the finals. A progressive tally will be kept next to the player's name in the squads note.

    A Powerplay allows the home team to use two captains in a match. No vice-captain can be named during a powerplay so if a named captain does not play, you will lose that captaincy. Each team gets 3 powerplays to use through the regular season. They can only be used at home games, and can be declared at any point up until team lockouts. You can rescind a decision to powerplay before the lockout with no penalty. You can see how many powerplays you have left by looking next to your team name in the squads note. Powerplays are not mandatory. If you do not declare all of your powerplays by your last home game, you may still trade them to other teams.

    Vice Goalkickers
    The purpose of a vice goalkicker is to provide a safety net if your starting goalkicker does not make the final 17 of their team. In this case your vice goalkicker will earn points for any goals they score. If your first choice goal kicker gets injured in the match, or just does not kick any goals, your vice goalkicker will not sub in.

    Dual Positions
    Players can earn dual position status and play in either of their nominated positions. If a player is named in one position and subsequently starts 3 NRL matches in a different position (according to XRL definitions of positions, ie. forward, back, playmaker), the player will be awarded a dual player status. This will be processed upon the completion of each round, at the same time as the Waiver Wire. Managers can apply for dual status if they feel a player has been overlooked for dual status in writing on the forum. The XRL Commissioner will then decide on the merit of applications. Players who spend a large amount of time in another position without necessarily starting, or players coming off the bench, can also have games count towards their tally.

    NB: Dual Positions does not mean a player is limited to two positions.

    1. There will be two waivers, at midday Tuesday and then at midday Wednesday.
    2. At 9am Thursday mornings free scooping opens and will cease 15 mins before the scheduled kick off of the first game of the round.
    3. Teams may only scoop or waiver one player per week
    4. Waiver lists should be sent by email to the Oxford United Boxes (toby.parker@bigpond.com). The squad list will be updated as regularly as possible.
    5. Scoops should be made in the appropriate thread in the forum (Waivers thread).
    6. Waiver order is drawn along with the draft. Teams that waiver at a given waiver time will drop to the bottom of the list, in the reverse order that they were in that week. Teams who scoop after the Tuesday and Wednesday waivers will fall to the bottom of the list in the chronological order that they make their signings.

    Waiver Request Format
    Waiver Requests must be submitted via email to the Oxford United Boxes in the following format.

    Email Subject Line: Waiver Wire Round x
    1. Player A
    2. Player B
    3. Player C

    You must include the correct subject line so Toby does not open your email until it's time to process waivers. This is to keep waivers confidential.

    Dropped Players
    Any player cut from a teams lineup will be ineligible for scooping until after clearing Waivers.


    If you have a waiver go through, you can not scoop or waiver again that week. If you decide not to waiver, or don't get any of your picks, you are able to scoop one player before Friday night.

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