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    Post by XIII on Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:14 am

    Below is the set of rules for season 14/15. I will be enforcing these this year.

    - two punters bet $60 each on their allotted week
    - you must return at least $60 to bet again, any return less than that means your go is over
    - the betting week is Tuesday 4pm to Tuesday 4pm. If you do not place all $60 of bets during this time the money not bet will be banked and unless you returned $60 or more with your bet money your go will be over. You can not start a new week prior to Tuesday 4pm.
    - the only exception to this for the year is Melbourne Cup week (week 3) which will be treated as a separate week. The previous week (week 2/ this week) will finish Monday night. Cup week (week 3) will go from Tuesday to Thursday night. Week 4 will go from Friday to Tuesday 4pm - from there on it will be normal.
    - all bets and results must be posted in the forum by each punter. In addition to this everyone must email their bets to the group prior to the event starting. Email must be done prior, forum can be updated later. If you do not email your bets prior to the event starting you will incur a $10 penalty per bet not sent out. This penalty will be taken off your return meaning you will have to return more money to keep your go.
    - I am going to allow punters to multi options that you can't multi in one bet. ie two prop bets across different games. Rules are however the whole bet must be announced prior to the first event. You can't decide to roll winnings into something else unless it's announced and you can't not put on the second or third bet if it was announced. I am giving punters some free rein for this one so don't do the wrong thing by the club.

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